The Basics of Data Communication

By Steve

Data communication is the essential element that connects us with the devices and services we rely on in our interconnected digital world. It is comprised of a variety of techniques and methods that control how information is sent from one end to the next. Understanding how it works helps us to create a reliable and reliable network that delivers the benefits of greater connection like improved business efficiencies and productivity, and innovations within automation.

The basic concept of data communication is the transmission of data from one computer to another via channels or mediums. This can happen via cable, radio frequency, satellite signal or wirelessly. A device or individual who transmits data is called the sender and the computer that receives the data is known as the receiver. A data communication network can comprise more than two computer involved in a process of communication.

Multiplexing and demultiplexing are effective communication technologies that allow several signals to be sent over an medium at once, thus optimizing bandwidth usage and decreasing costs. Both processes require special hardware capable of combining and separate these signals. Custom integrated circuits are frequently employed to accomplish this task and can be found in many communications devices, including phones, computers and printers.

Full-duplex is the method of data communication that permits simultaneous two-way communication within a pair of devices. This is a more complex mode than simplex transmission because it requires the ability to send and receive data simultaneously.

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